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Bury Thy Kingdom is native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Currently playing shows in and out of the Northeast and Midwest, the band brings a sense of maturity in their writing style and extremely energetic live performances.

'Ascension' and 'Edge of the Sea' were produced by Brette Ciamarra of Studio 344; Combining such elements of tech, death, and progressive, the band presents their technical abilities with mature song structure and a lively ability to write extremely complex rhythm patterns and memorable guitar leads.

The band is comprised of Zach Dunham on lead vocals, Todd Johnson on rhythm guitar and clean vocals, Vince Synder on lead guitar, Matt Davis on keys and Zak Lees on drums. Some of their noted influences are August Burns Red, Within The Ruins, and The Human Abstract. However, Bury Thy Kingdom has combined aspects of their influences, and of their own to create their own sound.

Bury Thy Kingdom has shared the stage with notable acts like Iwrestledabearonce, After The Burial, The Contortionist, Glass Cloud, Molotov Solution, Fit For An Autopsy, Affiance, The Greenery, Belie My Burial, Legion, Honour Crest, A City In The Sea, and A Wake In Providence. With regional touring experience, an intense live show, and an extreme new EP, Bury Thy Kingdom is intent and ready to bring their sound to cities all across the country.

Bury Thy Kingdom released their newest EP, Edge of the Sea, on December 1st, 2012 and hope to be on the national route by early 2014.